Welcome to Coach’s Bet! I’m the Coach, and on behalf of the team we are so grateful you are here!

You may think we started this website all because we simply love professional sports, and you are absolutely correct!


Our love for sports grew into a new passion, a passion that has generated a second income for not only us but the Coach’s Community as well!

Yes, the passion we are talking about is Sports Betting.

Now, it is important for you to understand that we haven’t always made money from betting on sports. Before we got to this point, we experienced similar struggles that many sports bettors have every day.

The first few sports wagers we had ever placed gave us all of the confidence in the world. It was only a matter of days until it clicked, that we were struck with “Beginner’s Luck.”

Not only did we lose back the money we had won, but we also lost our entire bankroll.

Needless to say – we needed to educate ourselves; we needed to find the Secrets to Sports Betting.

Now, with many years of trial and error behind us, we set out to help educate the community with a blueprint of Sports Betting Tips to help save people from making the same mistakes that we did.

To help the Coach’s Community experience Sports Betting Success!


Many sports bettors start off on the wrong foot, many have the mentality that sports betting will make them rich overnight.

That reading a one-paragraph answer will teach you how to win at sports betting and all of the problems will be solved.


There is no overnight secret that will turn you into a successful sports bettor in a day or even a week.

However, there is our blueprint of Sports Betting Tips (this website) that will help guide you towards becoming a profitable sports bettor.

To make learning as simple as possible, we’ve created multiple sections of content all geared towards making you a smarter sports bettor.

The sports betting advice found in the following sections will help whether you are a rookie or advanced sports bettor.

Together, we will beat the bookies and help guide you towards sports betting success.

Sports Betting Strategy

Whether you consider yourself a rookie or an advanced sports bettor, it all starts with a sports betting strategy.

This is the most popular section for all members of the Coach’s Community. It is filled with pages of sports betting tips and strategies that have helped many professional handicappers experience tremendous success over the years.

Within this section, readers can find sport specific strategies, basic and advanced strategies, and much more.


In order to have sports betting success, we highly suggest you start with and understand these four fundamental sports betting strategies before jumping into any wagers.

Free Sports Betting Picks

The team is always looking to give back to the sports betting community as we release sports betting picks every day for no cost at all.

Coach’s team of experts contribute to the free sports betting picks by offering a full analysis of the game as well as their sports prediction.

The team will provide these sports betting picks year round, and will provide insight to all of the various types of professional sports.

Only a couple of the free sports picks will be posted on the site during the week, with the remainder being sent out with Coach’s exclusive community newsletter.

By joining Coach’s Community members will gain access to not only free sports betting predictions, but also sports betting trends and tips discovered by professional handicappers.

All of the picks come from winning sports betting systems that have been experimented and evaluated with over the years.

Our sports betting systems rely on data from previous years to help create trends that exploit betting lines for consistent profits.

Visit our sports betting systems page to learn more.

Online Sports Betting Sites

Online Sports Betting is a growing industry that continues to get bigger every day.

As technology pushes industries to adapt to change, sports betting quickly innovated its ways creating an online market for sports bettors.

There are many sports betting sites that have been created for the billion-dollar industry that offers a safe and rewarding experience straight from your fingertips.


There are just as many crappy sportsbooks as there are good, so it’s crucial to select the right ones. As a team, we have been exposed to hundreds of online sportsbooks both good and bad.

Our team is constantly providing sportsbook reviews and ratings for personal favorites that we use based on betting lines, location, deposit bonuses, money methods, and limits.

If you decide to select one of the suggested sports betting sites from our reviews make sure to use the sign-up link to get an exclusive deposit bonus added to your player’s account.


The site was created in 2013 as a blueprint for sports betting tips to keep sports fanatics around the world from making the same mistakes that we did.

Through hard work, knowledge, and passion we are one step closer to achieving the goal of becoming the community’s ultimate resource for sports betting.

Coach’s team works during the entire calendar year to provide quality content for all sports fans. The site was developed to help users find the answers to any questions or concerns that may arise.

The Coach will be the teacher of success while carefully hiring a coaching staff of the best sports analysts to help spread the message.

The team works together in identifying, planning, and implementing sports betting tips to better the education of the community. We are constantly growing the site, especially with the addition of daily fantasy sports, which opens up an entire new industry of strategy.

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