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Created in 2013 by Cory Fowler, Coachsbet.com is the complete package of current and accurate sports betting information. The sports advisory site created welcomes any level of bettors from novice to an advanced level. Individuals join the Coach’s Bet Community because of our hard working staff that continuously produce the best sports betting advice available year in and year out.
What started off as a hobby for a couple of lads, has grown rapidly into an internet sensation. Sports enthusiasts can come to our site 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and expect top of the line sports information.
Coach’s Bet is here to provide Sports Betting Tips, Sports Betting Strategies, and Sports Betting Articles – basically if it’s sports we got it covered. With the sports betting industry continuing to grow and innovate their methods, the reputation of Coach’s Bet grows stronger with it. One goal here at Coach’s Bet is to provide our community with the most convenient, honest and entertaining sports news that the industry has to offer.
As Coach’s Bet entered the industry of sports advising we visioned a winning community of sports bettors, to do this, we became the crash test dummies of Online Sports Betting. Over the years, our analysts have spent numerous hours and dollars testing and implementing different sports betting strategies and systems. Our readers spoke up wanting Sports Betting Predictions, and accurate statistics to back our decisions.
What did we do to provide this?
Coach has brought together a team of professional sports handicappers who have developed winning formulas in the sports betting industry. Now you may read that sentence and shake your head in disbelief but hear us out. With hundreds of Sports Betting Advice sites on the web today, our objective was to be different than all of the rest while providing accurate and honest sports betting news. We have all followed handicapper’s before who claim to have an 80%+ win ratio over the course of a professional sports season. BULLS@$T!
At Coach’s Bet, our team of handicappers earn a nice profit with winning averages floating around 59-63% for individual sports betting seasons with the stats to prove it. This number alone has not been easy to reach with our team creating and critiquing hundreds of different sports betting systems over the years. In addition to this, Coach didn’t want to hire just anybody to fulfill our handicapping role but wanted to hire trusting individuals who live and breathe the sports industry.
As we continue to improve and expand the staff at Coach’s Bet, we want to ensure the Coach’s community that all staff hired will also adhere to the same values and honesty that built our reputation. With a tremendous amount of hard work, honesty, integrity, and dedication the team at Coach’s Bet will continue to produce Sports Betting Articles, Sports Betting Videos, and Sports Betting Predictions answering the demand of our amazing community.

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