Daily Fantasy Sports

Daily Fantasy Sports are the hottest thing to hit the sports betting industry. If you have ever played a style of fantasy sports you will appreciate this new $4 billion dollar industry that has been created.
Daily Fantasy Sports are rapidly growing giving you an opportunity to play fantasy sports every single day!

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Contests can last for a single day when playing baseball, hockey, basketball, or up to a week with sports like football and golf.
For each DFS sport, you select a full roster of players based on specific positions that must fit within the given salary cap. These players will then earn points based on performances with the highest score, thus winning the contest.
We have briefly given you the idea of how to play dfs, but each sport has its own specific rules and strategies that we have listed below.

Daily Fantasy Sports Guide

The amount of players on roster varies by the sport you are playing, some rosters make you choose positional players, and others make you select competitors.
The following are daily fantasy sports guides that are specifically designed for each sport (rules, points, rosters).
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It’s safe to say that many sports enthusiasts are hoping on board and trying to learn how to play DFS. This method of playing fantasy sports has many benefits and offers a tremendous amount of excitement for any day of the week.
If you are bored at home on a Thursday night, play a night of fantasy sports. If your running back got hurt in Week 3 of the NFL, that’s okay draft a whole new roster for the next contest.

Where to Play Daily Fantasy Sports

In addition to the specific sport you’re playing, scoring points also will depend on the site you are using to play daily fantasy sports. Each DFS site has their own points system (some are the same), rules, payouts, bonuses, etc., making it very important to review their personal rules and guidelines. Each Daily Fantasy site will independently set the salary costs of individual players leading to a different usage to fill the total team salary cap.
Daily Fantasy Sports
Below we have listed our top three favorite daily fantasy sports sites that we use every day:
#1. DraftKings
#2. FanDuel
#3. DraftPot
These three DFS sites have proven to currently be the best in the industry, and we have attached our personal reviews with them for your convenience. The three are very similar but have their differences when coming to player values, deposit options, bonuses and more.
All of the different sites have a variety of contests that can be entered for different sports. The different contests offer a wide range of payouts, the number of players competing, and different levels of play.
Coachs Sports Betting Tips
The following is a list of the different types of contests you can choose to enter:
– Beginners Only
– Head to Head
– Double up games
– Triple and Quadruple Up’s
– Sit N Go’s
– Large Tournaments / Large Payouts
Daily Fantasy sports require strategy, tips, and a bit of luck to win one of the life changing payouts. There are not many ways you can turn a $3 wager into millionaire status all while watching your favorite sports.
We suggest new players to start off small and play against the larger field contests to get a hang of the interface and concepts of DFS. There are many freerolls that happen on a daily basis and first-time deposit bonuses to take advantage of as well.
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