CFL Football Betting

The Canadian Football league is often overshadowed by the NFL in North America but still consistently attracts over 25,000 fans per game all routeing for their team to capture the Grey Cup. The CFL season scratches the craving of many football fans as the season begins in July, eight weeks before the NFL season.
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CFL Football Betting is identical to NFL Betting, but it is important to note the rule differences between the two, as it will have an impact on betting. Below the team has identified the differences that will impact CFL Football Betting.

CFL Football Betting Strategies

In general, the CFL and NFL are very alike but do have their differences. The CFL consists of nine teams that play 18 games each during the regular season, versus the NFL’s 17 game schedule with 32 teams.
The CFL is obviously played in Canada, with the field being 10 yards longer, and a 10-yard deeper end zone. The CFL has placed the goal posts at the front of then end zone making it more possible for a missed field goal to be returned for a touchdown.
When betting on the CFL it is important to remember that it’s only 3 downs, not four, which makes the passing game a bit more popular. A very important difference is the additional scoring option in the CFL, where ”rouge” gives a single point when a kickoff goes out of the end zone or is not returned out of the end zone.
Now that we know the differences between the two football leagues, let’s head over and learn about the CFL Football Betting Strategies section.
CFL Football Betting

CFL Football Picks

When making a CFL Football bet it is important to decide which type of betting method you are going to use from the various options. Football is one sport where sports bettors have the opportunity to basically make a wager on anything to do with the game.
Two of the most popular CFL football betting methods are Point Spread and Total Points betting. After having an idea about the games, betting methods, betting odds it is crucial to research the games to gain an edge.
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CFL Grey Cup for 2016

The Grey Cup is the championship game and trophy name that is awarded to the winner of the Canadian Football League. The Championship game features the winners of the CFL’s East vs. winners of the West.
The Toronto Argonauts have the most championships with 16, and the Edmonton Eskimos are the current champions after defeating the Ottawa Red Blacks.
The 104th Grey Cup will be played on November 27th, 2016 at BMO Field in Toronto, Ontario, to decide the champion for the 2016 CFL season.
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CFL Football Betting